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hard truths regarding youth today


1.   According to the Casey Foundation Website “Kids Count” 35% of sub 8 year old's 

      live  in a home without an in home mother AND father
2.  US Census Bureau 28% of homes below poverty level are  single parent homes
3.  Suicide: 63% of youth suicides are from single parent homes
4.  Runaways: 90% of runaway youths are from fatherless homes
5.  Behavioral Disorders: 85 % of children that exhibit behavioral disorders are
      from fatherless homes
6.  High School Dropouts: 71 % of high school dropouts are from fatherless homes
7.  Juvenile Detention: 70% of juveniles in state institutions are from fatherless homes
8.  Substance Abuse: 75% of adolescents with substance abuse are fatherless
9.  Aggression: 75% of sex assaults are committed by fatherless males


With single parents working to provide for their family, many youth have NO adult investing in their lives one on one. 


There is a need for young people to experience both a DISCIPLING and MENTORING relationship, committed to provide emotional stability, character modeling and demonstrate Biblical truths.

YOUR TRADE IS YOUR STRENGTH: Through your trade, craft or profession, even in very short interactions, you can become: a reflection of our Heavenly Father, a disciple maker (like a Barnabas) to teach them spiritually, a mentor to teach them character and a master crafts person to teach them skill.


We create and attach customized life lessons and Biblical principles to the tasks of your trade as conversational interactions, to impact the lives of those in great ways! 


Our Mission

What you "DO" can be your greatest tool to change someones life for eternity.

Many young people including returning veterans and formerly  incarcerated  people  find themselves as a crossroad. Finding purpose involves more than just a job skill. The character development found in biblical principles and building the relationships to be able to communicate these life lessons can be greatly enhance through consistent workplace mentoring. 


Relationships build trust, and only after trust is established can truth be poured into the the life of another. In response to the need for investing employable skills, positive character and biblical principles into young lives, our mission is to provide personalized trade specific discipling and mentoring object lessons as tangible marketplace ministry tools. 

By equipping and training the business and trades person to utilize their skills and trade specific tasks, we can enable you to disciple and mentor others. Activating those in the workplace to impact lives for today and eternity.  

Our Promise

By using our object lessons which are attached directly to your work skills, we will enable you to invest more than skill and ability. Pouring God's Word and principles into the lives of others through your professional skills will reinvigorate your passion for what you do.

Get involved at the ground level

Our ongoing curriculum development needs skilled professionals to help us expand the fields we can impact with principles from God's word.  Will you partner with us? Call us at (203) 578-5480 or email

THE three fold MODEL


MENTORING (Trust Relationship)

MENTORING (Trust Relationship)

MENTORING (Trust Relationship)

Trust only comes after a relationship is built. Spending time in an area of common interest. Our programs are written with specific attachments to your trade to facilitate relationship building. 


DISCIPLING (Imparting Biblical Truth)

MENTORING (Trust Relationship)

MENTORING (Trust Relationship)

God never asks us to bring more that He has already given us. You have  professional skills  and we have Biblical object lesson creation skills. By combining what we have, you can pour timeless truths into the life of someone else. 


APPRENTICING (Tangible Skills)

MENTORING (Trust Relationship)

APPRENTICING (Tangible Skills)

Through mentoring and discipling programs, small business owners, trades people and crafts people can develop a well trained and skilled apprentice and foster a succession plan to transition their experience, skill and business to the next generation.  

empowering the church & community


Partnering to change the lives of young people, returning veterans and the formerly incarcerated .

Working directly with you, we develop a personalized curriculum to create small interactive and easy to use training modules. These modules directly link Biblcal principles to the tasks of your trade. Instead of losing productive work time, the program creates seamless object lessons written in a conversational manner that ties what you are doing with life changing dialog. 


Highly Qualified Curriculum Development

Our founder is credentialed by the US Dept. of Justice in “Needs Assessment for Youth” & “Curriculum Design and Development”. This combined with 20 years of direct management & supervision of youthful offenders & 10 years of community based Christian ministry to young people gives us a tested & proven approach. 

We believe relational mentoring, biblical discipling & hands on skill apprenticing through your trade is an divine recipe to eternally impacting young people.  


Secular Mentoring & Biblical based Courses

Founded with a Biblical vision to impact lives for eternity, we are also developing a secular curriculum for those crafts and trades people who may not share a Biblical based perspective but see the value in building in to the lives of at risk youth. 

INVEST IN THE NEXT GENERATION through support and giving

We are an IRS registered 501 (c) 3 charitable educational organization with a biblical mission. 

Your support and contributions will enable us to impact the lives of young people through mentoring and apprenticing programs.  

Your generous donation will directly fund our mission.  Thank you!

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news & needs update

FACILITY NEWS: We have a global vision to equip trades people, but find the best way to demonstrate our mission is by physically meeting those needs directly. We are praying for guidance regarding establishing a hands on Forging Foundations Community Resource center in central Connecticut. 

Please consider joining with us through prayer, providing products, equipment & financial support to help us get this first physical mentoring & discipling center launched. 

PROGRAM DEVELOPMENT: Moving from concept to application we are looking for crafts & trades people to partner with us as subject matter experts to develop lessons & curriculum to touch more trade skill sets.  Would you share your knowledge with us to create a lesson exclusive to your trade?  

Call 203-578-5480 or email for more information.

Files coming soon.

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